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15days 100Hour – Exclusive “Balance Ball YOGA®”Teacher Certification Course in Koh Phangan, Thailand 


Balance Ball YOGA® is one of a kind innovative method,founded and mastered for 25 years in Japan, by Hironori Ikeda, MSc in Sports medicine. 

All Balance Ball YOGA® poses and exercises were developed while analyzing motion and body mechanics in yoga, dance, massage therapy and professional sports.

Once your body learnt how to balance itself, it will never forget the technique. So the effect of the Balance Ball YOGA® method remains a lifetime.

This CTT is designed for anyone, with any level of practice and education

Are you willing to improve your own body balance, make your body movements smooth and intuitive, re-educate and re-align your posture, change your profession and teach this unique holistic method around the world?    

This training is designed for anyone, with any level of practice and education!

- Regular body imbalance: for those who experience continuous back pain, slouching, scoliosis, limited range of motions, muscles dysfunction or you just don’t like the way you move and there is something wrong with your body posture and your face looks way too asymmetric;

 - Yoga and sports: for yoga practitioners, dancers, body builders and athletes it’s a great opportunity to extend the limits of your body, improve your performance, stabilize your posture and movements and find a source of inner power using less energy. 

- Professional: for yoga instructors, sports trainers, physiotherapists it’s a great opportunity to upgrade your teaching skills and techniques to maximize your student's posture balance and improve their range of movement.

- Posture education for the children: fun and effective way to teach your child a better posture and balanced movement. 

- Rehabilitation program: medical Evidence shows that Balance Ball YOGA® regular practice tremendously improves body posture of the practitioners with spine deformations and injuries, and activates the kinetic muscle chain.  

Tropical island, jungle yoga hall for the lectures and practice, sea view office for individual work and lot of fun in the beach

This unique Teacher Certification Course will be led directly by Hironori Ikeda, founder of the Balance Ball YOGA® method.

The course will create a new muscle memory for your further practice and will give you confidence in teaching. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate allowing you to teach and share your passion anywhere you go.


  1. Balance Ball YOGA® method is based on sports medicine and motion analysis therapy and accredited by Thai Government
  2. Medical evidence and 25 years of practice in yoga, therapy massage and sports fields;• Anyone can practice and improve their posture
  3. Anyone can re-educate their muscles and realign body movements, incl. facial muscles;• Self diagnostic, self correction techniques, expanded body limits
  4. Functional anatomy classes, daily practice in the group, individual work, balance balls on the beach
  5. All classes and individual sessions are held under the supervision and guidance of the founder
  6. Master 300 Balance Ball YOGA® postures and exercises
  7. Smart course agenda with the opportunity to enjoy your free time and explore the island
  8. 17 nights beach front accommodation, swimming pool and chill out area
  9. Daily healthy breakfast
  10. Abundance of fresh fruits, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, community events and mesmerizing sunsets.


The 15-day training consists of 2 parts: 

First 5-days is a “Posture Improvement Course” where you explore your body limits, analyze and work on your own body movements and balance, learn how to improve poor posture, strengthen your spine and improve your joints flexibility. 

The course is intensive, focused on each participant’s result, yet very entertaining and fun.

Posture Improvement Course

Realign your posture by focusing on proprioceptor

Balance ball YOGA exercises have been created by the motion analysis of the yoga, dance, and top sports athlete performance focusing on sports medicine point of view. We put this knowledge into balance ball exercises, which means how to move your spine with proper posture in every single movement. It is then followed by connecting optimal movement between the spine with joints to encourage the best posture and prevent faulty movement patterns by strengthening weaker areas.

We learn and practice Balance Ball YOGA for more details to become teacher 

Second part is a “10-day Teacher Certification Course” focused on a Dynamic Fluid Movement, biomechanics, deep functional anatomy and sports medicine study, and of course, mastering over 300 balance ball yoga poses and exercises. 

At this course you will learn:

- Dynamic posture screening, identifying limited range of motion and muscular imbalance of the body (trigger points, joint dysfunction) and re-aligning your posture and movement through a variety of Balance Ball YOGA® poses and exercises;- Pain and imbalance analysis through Balance Ball YOGA® techniques;- Faulty movement patterns;- Techniques to re-educate your body and create a new muscle habit towards balanced and natural posture and movement.  

Daily Agenda of the training

  • 08:00 – 09:30 - Breakfast, morning beach time, or yoga class
  • 10:00 – 11:30 - Balance Ball YOGA® (group classes of theory and practice)
  • 11:30 – 13:00 – Face Asymmetry Yoga® (group classes of theory and practice)
  • 13:00 – 15:00 – Lunch time
  • 15:00 – 16:30 – Balance Ball YOGA® (group classes of theory and practice/individual work, practice on the beach)
  • 17:00 – free time, explore the island, dinner, sunset, community events


The course will create a muscle memory for your further practice and will give you confidence in teaching. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate allowing you to teach and share your passion anywhere you go.


Hironori Ikeda, MSc in Sports medicine, the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Founder of the Balance Ball YOGA® and RSM International Academy. 

Throughout his medical career, Hironori worked together with the National Olympic team of athletes, coaches, doctors and surgeon professors. 

Looking to combine various techniques found in yoga, massage therapy and sports medicine, Hironori has founded his RSM International Academy with a focus on re-educating and re-aligning body dynamic movements.


Nadiia Kovchuzhna, Certified FACE YOGA METHODteacher (by Fumiko Takatsu, Japan).

Certified massage therapist with more than 5 years of experience: motion analysis clinical massage, 120 hours, by RSM International Academy; head massage, face massage, traditional thai yoga massage. 


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