Balance Ball YOGA

Balance Ball YOGA


Cadaver Anatomy Special Course

Anatomical Workshop in Collaboration with the Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine - Department of Anatomy

In 2023, RSM, in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy at Chiang Mai University, unveils an unparalleled anatomical workshop rooted in real cadaver studies. This program, specifically designed for balance ball yoga students, delves into the deeper layers of functional anatomy, illuminating the intricate muscle interconnections, nerve pathways, joint structures, and the mechanisms of how muscles attach to the spine to influence posture. Guided by renowned professors and delivered entirely in English, participants will not only deepen their theoretical understanding but, with RSM's expertise, also translate this knowledge into actionable skills, elevating their professional prowess in the realm of yoga and beyond.

September 15th-17th - Schedule for the Anatomical Workshop

Duration:  3 days 
Anatomy Session:  September 15th (Friday) - 16th (Saturday)
Workshop Date:  September 17th (Cadaver Anatomy Workshop)
Tuition Fee:  14,000 Baht (Payment in Thai Baht)

November 10th-12th - Schedule for the Anatomical Workshop

Duration:  3 days 
Anatomy Session :  November 10th (Friday) - 12th (Saturday)
Workshop Date:  November 12th (Cadaver Anatomy Workshop)
Tuition Fee:  14,000 Baht (Payment in Thai Baht)

Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop at RSM International Academy
Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop at RSM International Academy

Preliminary Course on Functional Anatomy and Palpation Techniques

To ensure the utmost rigour and depth in our anatomical workshop, we are offering a preliminary course focused on functional anatomy and palpation techniques. In this seminar, attendees will delve into the intricacies of anatomy using detailed photographs, skeletal models, and iPads to enhance comprehension. The curriculum is tailored to provide clarity on specific topics that each participant wishes to explore further during the anatomical workshop. As a core reference, we utilize "Trail Guide to the Body," accompanied by illustrative pictures. We strongly recommend participants procure and review this in advance. RSM emphasizes improving students' palpation techniques to ensure a thorough grasp of functional anatomy, which in turn facilitates a deeper understanding during the cadaver anatomy workshop.

Advanced Postural Correction: RSM's Integration of Balance Ball Yoga & Manual Therapy"

RSM's comprehensive anatomical workshop, focused on functional anatomy, palpation techniques, and balance ball yoga methodologies, is tailored for therapists aiming to excel in pain relief and postural correction. By delving into the intricacies of the kinetic chain, end feel, and fascia, participants are equipped to discern myofascial strains, optimize range of motion, and apply targeted interventions. This depth of understanding not only solidifies one's theoretical foundation but also enhances practical skills in pain management and postural realignment. With RSM's guidance, we elevate your palpation logic, ensuring your manual therapy, massage, stretching, and balance ball yoga techniques more aptly suit clients' needs.

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