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Sports Conditioning Massage 

Sports Conditioning Massage Course 

There is a need for therapists and trainers who understand the pain associated with movement and can manipulate massage and stretching to stabilisze posture and improve performance. This course is a practical massage course, specializing in dynamic postural stability.

Massage & Stretching techniques for pain relief and Dynamic Posture Stability

Sports conditioning massage offered at RSM is designed to improve dynamic posture, delay the onset of chronic pain and muscle soreness, improve muscle fatigue and prevent injury.  The course provides the student with the skills to utilize various massage techniques and stretches to improve dynamic posture and sports performance.

Course Schedule & Price 

Course Fee:6900Baht 
20th-26th Mar 2023
4 Days Intensive Course 
16hours + 2 hours Review
The course starts on Monday at 9:00 am
Lessons and massage training 9 am-2 pm
After the lesson, students are free to practice until 3:30 pm
RSM has only 30min Break for lunchtime 

Private Massage Training Course
20th-26th Mar 2023
8 hours + 1-hour Review
You can choose your schedule Mon-Thur 4 pm-8 pm / Fri-Sun 9 am-6 pm

Details of Motion Analysis Clinical Massage Course

(1) Understand the functional anatomy of the movements required by athletes and provide massage and stretching adapted to their needs.

(2) Effective operation of direct stretching to improve joint range of motion (massage strokes along the direction of muscle fibres)

(3) Cross-fibre friction (massage strokes in the opposite direction of the muscle fibres) and ASTR aimed at releasing muscle adhesions and contractures.

(4) Effective palpation and release of muscle stiffness (trigger points) that cause pain and limited joint range of motion.

(5) Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to improve joint flexibility and range of motion

(6) Partner stretching and myofascial release to improve joint range of motion and sports performance.

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