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Motion Analysis Clinical Massage Session 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to work with someone who is an expert with clinical massage treatment
  • I want to know why these issues occur from a clinical standpoint
  • I would like to learn how to prevent these issues from happening again
  • I am interested in getting world class clinical treatment at a fraction of the price
  • I would like to go over my entire body and see if there are other issues that can be causing discomfort

An depth look at your faulty movement pattern 

We determine the causes and location of the pains and issues, Hironori Ikeda (Ms.c Sports Medicine) will use the best massage techniques to reduce the pain in the designated area and also treat the cause of the pain to ensure that the treatment is improving the patient’s overall wellbeing

Remedial Massage to realign your posture and movement 

By using Motion Analysis Clinical Massage which combine trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching allows posture and movements to be properly realigned

Our Remedial Massage therapy tailored to suit your body 

As a result, bones and joints are kept in the correct alignment so that your muscle tension and pain will be released. This component of the remedial massage is tailored to your body and issues to improve each body part’s movement and mobility

Remedial Massage Session

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage by HIRONORI IKEDA

tel : +66 98 517 5770  (Whatsapp / SMS only) 

Line ID: hiro-hiro1971

  • 980thb / 90min
  • 680thb / 60min

Dynamic Posture Screening

We identify the imbalances and dysfunction by looking at your musculoskeletal complaints, as well as assess your movement impairments. After the lesson, we discuss why this happens, what the reason is, how this is affecting your activities of daily living and sports performance by functional anatomy point of view. This will allow us to help guide your next step to improve posture and movement.
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