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Balance Ball YOGA methods to maximize your posture and movement 

How Gracilis Muscle work to stabilize hip joint and knee 

Actions of the Gracilis are complicated, therefore this muscle work to assist other muscles for your posture. As shown in the left picture, you can imagine how the Gracilis contribute to your movement. Actions of the Gracilis has 1-Assists with flexion of the knee.  2-Assists with internal rotation of the knee.  3-Assists with adduction of the thigh at the hip.

Balance Ball YOGA exercise to maximize the function of Gracilis Muscle

We teach you how to improve your body balance and posture focusing on Gracilis Muscle. There are over 10 exercise will be provided depending on your fitness level. YOGA, Dancers, Sports Athlete, even Rehabilitation after surgery are welcomed. We tailor the Balance Ball YOGA lesson to suit your fitness level. Contact RSM if you like to improve your posture and movement

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage to release pain at Gracilis Muscle 

If you have Gracilis Muscle Pain when you do yoga, dance, and many sports activities, please contact RSM for your massage treatment. This muscle can cause burning stinging pain or pain along the entire length of the muscle. These sensations are caused by trigger points in the muscle. if you feel Sudden sharp pain, it is associated with a muscle strain. Gracilis muscle strains can happen anywhere, because this is the second long muscle in the body and perform many complicated movements during your sports activities. Pain is most common in the groin or on the inside of the knee where the muscle attaches to the bone.

The pain of trigger points and muscle strain make different type of pain, therefore treatment methods will be different.

Contact RSM if you like to work with someone who is an expert with clinical massage treatment