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Certified Master Teacher Training of Balance Ball YOGA

Apply Motion Analysis Clinical Massage to realign to have proper posture and movement 

After you can analyze poor posture and compensatory movements by using the Balance Ball Yoga method, you will learn how to apply Motion Analysis Clinical Massage to realign your clients to have proper posture and movement.

10 days 70-Hour – Exclusive “Balance Ball YOGA®”Teacher Certification Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Requirements and use of the official certificate

Certified Balance Ball YOGA teachers required to master over 100 exercises with the knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy and sports medicine, also need the ability to teach this method according to each student's posture, movement, and athletic ability. After you are a certified teacher by our Founder Hironori Ikeda, you can give Balance Ball YOGA - Posture improvement course official certificate to your students.

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage Session 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to work with someone who is an expert with clinical massage treatment
  • I want to know why these issues occur from a clinical standpoint
  • I would like to learn how to prevent these issues from happening again
  • I am interested in getting world class clinical treatment at a fraction of the price
  • I would like to go over my entire body and see if there are other issues that can be causing discomfort