RSM International Academy
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RSM International Academy
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Remedial Massage Course for Therapist - 32 important pain relief case studies

Description : Remedial Massage course 

This massage course is best suited for those who want to take the next step from oil and relaxation massage to more clinical massage. 

You will learn 32 case studies of providing pain-relieving remedial massage to clients with specific needs such as back pain, pain when turning the neck, etc. The course will focus on improving palpation skills, Testing for myofascial disorders, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage. These skills are also based on functional anatomy and sports medicine to help clients improve posture and movement.

Schedule : Remedial Massage Course

This massage course starts on the 1s Monday of every month at 09:00. If there are any lessons that you are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, those lessons will be given as private lessons.

Location & Map : RSM International Academy

30/10-11 CHARUENSUK Rd, Chang-Puak, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300:For taxi / tuktuk : 30/10-11 ถนน เจริญสุข ตำบล ช้างเผือก 

Hironori Ikeda