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Posture FAQs - RSM International Academy

Our posture improvement programmes are recognised for their medical effectiveness by European physicians.

This lesson is designed for those who have posture problems such as hunched posture, protruding belly, and forward head position. Poor posture not only causes physical pain, but also has a significant impact on health, such as lack of sleep. We correct your posture with simple exercises

Can Balance Ball workout strengthen and move the spine?

Exercise with a balance ball activates the muscles that stabilise the spine so that it does not fall over or lose its balance. In particular, it leads to the activation of the intrinsic sensory receptors and provides very effective stimulation of the brain. Balance ball yoga focuses on the body's centre of gravity and axis and trains the kinetic chain, which is important for improving posture.

Muscles include superficial and deep muscles that surround and support the spine. By activating the muscles, alignment around the spine is improved. As a result, back pain, stiffness, weakness and loss of function can be improved.

How often should I train balance ball workouts to improve posture?

We recommend 30 minutes of daily exercise until you achieve beautiful posture. Once spinal alignment is achieved, 10 minutes every day is sufficient. Sitting on a ball activates the core muscles needed to maintain good posture. In particular, synchronising the centre of gravity of the body with the centre of the balance ball creates an axis. This axis corrects your body's alignment. At the RSM International Academy, we offer posture training lessons. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Hironori Ikeda