Balance Ball YOGA - official website -

Balance Ball YOGA - official website -


All RSM Sports Medicine Courses

RSM: Pain Relief & Dynamic Postural Improvement

We're thrilled to announce these 2 new websites for our clients and students.

PosturalMassageCourses presents our professional classes on postural massage more clearly, featuring 3 main courses: Trigger Points Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Myofascial Release, alongside evening workshops for tension release, posture improvement, and well-being enhancement.

PostureCorrection.studio, our second site, focuses on personalized programs for optimal postural alignment, benefiting those with chronic pain, those seeking posture improvement, and athletes aiming for performance optimization.

Explore these new websites and continue your journey towards holistic wellness and balanced living.

Concept of RSM Courses

RSM offers three courses that focus on

1) Mental and physical stability through improved sleep,

2) Balance Ball YOGA for dynamic postural stability and

3) Mental and physical stability through improved sleep.

Our Method is medically proven by Italian doctors, hospitals and universities.

Massage Training Course specialising in Pain Relief & Dynamic Posture Improvement

These massage courses are useful for massage therapists, sports trainers and yoga teachers as well as physiotherapists working in hospitals.There are also private courses that focus on what you want to learn.

Balance Ball YOGA Instructor Course - Become a Dynamic Postural Trainer

Dynamic postural improvement requires knowledge of functional anatomy, kinetic chain training with a solid centre of gravity, massage to reduce pain, stretching to improve joint range of motion, improved sleep and many other things. The Balance Ball Yoga Instructor Course covers dynamic posture improvement training, practical massage and stretching, and sleep science

Poor Posture Correction and Rehabilitation Program

We analyse your posture and movements and correct your posture with training using balance balls, which are ideal for improving dynamic posture. We also provide pain-relieving massage for a healthier body Ideal for people with physical disabilities and for rehabilitation. This course also includes sleep analysis and sleep improvement.

Dynamic Postural Stability Program for Athlete, Dancer and YOGA

More than 1000 exercises using balance balls help stabilise the centre of gravity, strengthen the kinetic chain of the trunk and develop agility. The training content consists of dynamic postural analysis from animals, top athletes and yoga. In addition, athletes can improve their performance through massage, which is specifically designed to reduce pain and improve dynamic posture. Sleep analysis and training for improved conditioning are also provided.

Sleep Analysis & Sleep Training Program

The course is designed for those who suffer from rapid daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, and poor physical condition due to sleep deprivation. This course aims to improve sleep by analyzing various factors related to sleep data obtained from wearable devices. 

Annual holidays in Chiang Mai

RSM organises Sports Medicine Courses in Italy and other countries during May and June each year. Please check the annual course schedule.

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