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Dynamic Fluid Movement Course

Maximize the potential of your posture and Dynamic Fluid Movement 

In this course, each body segment is linked to the optimal movement of the spine and joints to encourage an immense stable and strong posture. In addition, We will gain dynamic fluid movement by educating your movements that do not lose balance in the process of movement from the next movement.

Dynamic Fluid Movement Improve proprioceptive sense for your optimized movement

Yogis, dancers and top athletes have a smooth and intuitive movement. These movements have been analyzed by founders for over 25 years. The founder names this movement "dynamic fluid movement" and trains how to incorporate this movement into the body. 

Bring your profession to the highest level

n this course, you will learn various movements, such as how to move your shoulder and neck to create the optimal balance, and how to move your fingertips to achieve the balance found in ice skating. This improves your agility and maximizes your recovery ability, especially when you lose balance. This lesson will take your profession to the highest level.

Dynamic posture screening for identifying limited Range of Motion and Dysfunction caused by muscle tension or trigger point

We identify the imbalances by looking at your musculoskeletal complaints, as well as assess your movement impairments. : Altered length-tension relationships of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and myofascia) Altered force-couple relationships (compensatory movement) Altered arthrokinematics (joint dysfunction), also we analyze how muscles with trigger point affect posture and movement. we provide proper exercises to realign your posture and movement.

Analyze your faulty movement pattern and re-educate movement

After each lesson, we discuss how your faulty movement pattern is affecting your activities of daily living and sports performance. Also, please tell us the movements that you want to perform. This will allow us to help guide your next step to improve your posture and movement.
We offer massage therapy to improve posture and movement called Motion Analysis Clinical Massage

We offer 2 methods to improve your posture and movement 

The founder or accredited instructors will analyze the postures and movements during balance ball yoga lessons from a sports medicine point of view and introduce two methods to improve your posture and movements.

1st Method - Maximize your proprioceptor to have the best posture and movement 

Dynamic posture screening is designed to identify dysfunction within the kinetic movement: Altered length-tension relationships of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and myofascia) Altered force-couple relationships (compensatory movement). If your kinetic chain is due to poor proprioceptive sense, the founder or certified instructor will provide appropriate training to realign your posture and movement. This method makes a positive impact on your proprioceptor, therefore your posture and movement will be naturally re-educated.
In addition, this is not only effective in realign posture but also has positive effects on your competition sports and rehabilitation after your injury

2nd method - We offer Motion Analysis Clinical Massage to realign your posture and movement

If you have pain in some specific movement or limited range of motion in joint during our lesson, we offer Remedial Massage called Motion Analysis Clinical Massage as the next step to release pain and realign your posture and movement. Our massage is done only a qualified massage therapist who knows myofascial therapy, Deep Tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and knowledge of medicine.

Motion Analysis Clinical Massage Session 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to work with someone who is an expert with clinical massage treatment
  • I want to know why these issues occur from a clinical standpoint
  • I would like to learn how to prevent these issues from happening again
  • I am interested in getting world class clinical treatment at a fraction of the price
  • I would like to go over my entire body and see if there are other issues that can be causing discomfort

Lessons are held under the supervision of the founder

Our courses are taught in English with smaller classes than other schools to ensure each student gets the right amount of time learning, trying for themselves, and having 1-on-1 with the instructor, Hironori Ikeda (Ms.c Sports Medicine)  Spots fill up fast so please sign up as soon as possible.
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