RSM International Academy
- Balance Ball YOGA  -

RSM International Academy
- Balance Ball YOGA  -


Balance Ball YOGA - Accredited Instructor Training Course

Become a certified Balance Ball YOGA instructor 

This 4 weeks training course is for those who want to teach this medically proven method in your country. Contribute to the health of your students by becoming an instructor. Learn this method and add it to your career

learn Balance Ball YOGA 

Learn how to analyze posture and movement while training with balance ball yoga. In addition, you will learn about functional anatomy and will be trained to give practical advice on improving posture

Learn massage techniques and stretching

Improving posture requires massage to reduce pain and stretching to gain wider range of motion. This course trains you through 92 case studies that are important for reducing pain and improving posture 

Learn how sleep affects posture and performance

Daily conditioning, especially sleep, is an important factor in improving posture and movement. Students will learn sleep analysis and sleep training based on sleep science. This will help you to teach posture to your students

Hironori Ikeda