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10 days 70-Hour – Exclusive “Balance Ball YOGA®”Teacher Certification Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Requirements and use of the official certificate

Certified Balance Ball YOGA teachers required to master over 100 exercises with the knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy and sports medicine, also need the ability to teach this method according to each student's posture, movement, and athletic ability. After you are a certified teacher by our Founder Hironori Ikeda, you can give Balance Ball YOGA - Posture improvement course official certificate to your students.

Lessons required to become a certified teacher

You need to participate in the following two courses shown below. In these courses, you will learn more than 300 balance ball yoga exercises with the founder to improve posture and movement. In order to give more effective lessons to students, teachers must perform the correct posture and movement utilizing the knowledge of biomechanics, functional anatomy and sports medicine.

Posture Improvement Course

Realign your posture by focusing on proprioceptor

Balance ball YOGA exercises have been created by the motion analysis of the yoga, dance, and top sports athlete performance focusing on sports medicine point of view. We put this knowledge into balance ball exercises, which means how to move your spine with proper posture in every single movement. It is then followed by connecting optimal movement between the spine with joints to encourage the best posture and prevent faulty movement patterns by strengthening weaker areas.

Dynamic Fluid Movement Course

Maximize the potential of your posture and Dynamic Fluid Movement 

In this course, each body segment is linked to the optimal movement of the spine and joints to encourage an immense stable and strong posture. In addition, We will gain dynamic fluid movement by educating your movements that do not lose balance in the process of movement from the next movement.

Improve the neuromuscular system, not muscle strength and excess flexibility

You are required to master the minimum 100 Balance Ball YOGA exercises in the posture improvement course. These exercises can be mastered under the right guidance and these are very effective posture improvement exercises for everyone. Balance Ball YOGA method does not require excessive muscle strength or joint range of motion. The most important thing to be a certified teacher is to educate them correct posture and movement with medical knowledge. also, passion to reeducate other's posture and movement for improving their quality of life

Learn Balance Ball YOGA with medical knowledge that can be used around the world

All RSM lessons are based on scientific facts. CTT is held under the supervision of our founder, use Netter's clinical anatomy as a textbook. You will gain knowledge of functional anatomy, biomechanics, and sports medicine required to teach Balance Ball YOGA

Learn how to identify poor posture and how to realign to be proper posture 

Focusing on functional anatomy and biomechanics, we will learn how the muscles attached to the pelvis, hip, and shoulder affect the alignment of the spine. if malalignment of the spine is caused by muscle tension or proprioceptive dysfunction, we learn how to release and reeducate these muscles by Balance Ball YOGA.

Analyze Dynamic Fluid Movement with Functional Anatomy Focus and learn how to train with Balance Ball YOGA

After learning the functional anatomy of the static postures seen in stretching and yoga, we will learn how to analyze the posture of sports movements by focusing on biomechanics. We practice over 300 Balance Ball YOGA exercises to improve your teaching skills and learn how to adopt this knowledge to maximize your student's posture and movement

Balance ball yoga method for your profession

If your profession is a physiotherapist, professional sports trainer, dance or yoga teacher, incorporating the Balance Ball Yoga method will bring your teaching skills higher. This lesson has been adopted by a physiotherapist working in hospitals as well as physical coaches from Italian and Spanish professional soccer and basketball leagues, Japanese high school baseball championships, etc.  You will be given individual homework such as motion analysis, in addition to how to use this knowledge to improve your teaching skills. You have the opportunity to discuss with the founder how to apply balance ball yoga exercises to your skills.

learn Sports Medicine to offer effective and reliable lessons

Students taking the balance ball yoga course not only improve their posture but also improve sports performance and can be used as a rehabilitation program from injury. Therefore, certified teachers are also required to have knowledge of sports medicine. In the CTT course, students learn about a series of movements that cause injuries and learn how to adapt the balance ball yoga method to prevent injuries.
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Balance Ball Yoga is a new and innovative method to improve movement 

Balance Ball Yoga has been developed over the last 25 years as a posture improvement method focused on biomechanics, functional anatomy and sports medicine. All balance ball yoga exercises are created by analyzing how muscles attached to the spine and pelvis affect posture and movement. Balance Ball YOGA method utilizes a wide range of muscles with an emphasis on having the best spine position for every single movement. Balance Ball Yoga is known as a posture-improvement exercise created by Japanese founder Hironori Ikeda and is currently taught by over 70 Certified teachers in 25 countries.