Balance Ball YOGA - official website -

Balance Ball YOGA - official website -


About us 

Inventor of Balance Ball YOGA

Hironori Ikeda (M.Sc. Health & Sports Sciences at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. Sports Medicine Labo) introduces a groundbreaking method for improving dynamic posture - Balance Ball Yoga. This innovative approach is based on extensive research on yoga poses, athlete movements, and animal movements. By performing a variety of poses and movements on an unstable balance ball, practitioners engage their core muscles, enhance proprioception, and develop emotional balance to control their bodies.

Our mission and vision

Balance Ball Yoga's mission is to merge sports medicine expertise with balance ball techniques, empowering people to enhance their posture, movement, and alleviate pain, leading to healthier and more fulfilling lives. We offer sports medicine-based pain relief and posture-improving massages, as well as tailored exercises for various fitness levels, providing a fun, safe, and effective solution for pain relief, posture correction, and physical performance improvement, all grounded in solid sports medicine evidence.

Our posture improvement program, Balance Ball Yoga, is designed to accommodate the fitness levels and unique needs of individuals with diverse goals, including recovery from accidents and surgeries, management of natural movement dysfunction, life-enhancing yoga experiences, and improved sports performance.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond the yoga studio. We strive to educate them on sports medicine principles, equipping them with the knowledge to maintain improved posture and overall well-being in their daily lives, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and active lifestyle. Through Balance Ball Yoga classes, massages, workshops, and resources, we aim to cultivate a collaborative community focused on achieving optimal health and wellness.

The programme's effectiveness has Medical Evidence

The RSM Balance Ball Yoga method, which trains the kinetic chain while synchronising the centre of gravity of the body with the centre of the balance ball, was proven effective for dynamic posture improvement by Italian doctors, hospitals and universities in 2021.

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