Balance Ball Yoga – Core Workout Course

Poor posture and movements are often caused by muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. This will lead your body to have swelling and irritation of the associated soft tissue, nerves and joints. By practicing balance ball yoga, your body is naturally re-educated to have a neutral position. This will help not only to prevent strain or overuse problems, but also to have elegant posture and movements in many activities. Through this course, your posture is dramatically improved and pain-free movement in your body.  This will make a positive impact on the way you connect with the world around you.Balance Ball Yoga - Core Workout Course

Time Itinerary
Course Name Balance Ball Yoga Basic Course
Course Schedule 09:00-10:00 Monday-Friday
Duration Course Fee 05 sessions-1,000 THB
10 sessions-1,800 THB
Schedule Mon: Core and body alignment exercises for Spine coordination
Tue:  Pelvis stability exercises and spine coordination
Wed: Abdominal wall strengthening exercises and spine coordination
Thu:  Hip joint ROM exercises and spine coordination
Fri:    Shoulder and neck ROM exercises and spine coordination
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All the exercises in Balance Ball Yoga utilise a wide range of muscles while your body realises the importance of having a neutral spine and your posture improves dramatically. You learn how to use all parts of your body equally and effectively. Step by step you will understand the resources your body has and realise your individual potential. The knowledge you acquire through Balance Ball Yoga is tailored to suit your specific needs in accordance with your profession and/or lifestyle.

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Balanceball Yoga - Teacher Training course   780 € (2 Weeks)
Balanceball Yoga - Basic course   1,000 THB / 5 sessions (Basic)
Balanceball Yoga - Adv. course   1,000 THB / 5 sessions (Adv.)
Each course starts on Monday

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