Balance Ball Yoga – Accredited Instructor training course

This course is designed to prepare you to effectively assist others improve their posture and movements coordination. Upon completion of this course you will be able to help others through the practice and philosophy of Balance Ball Yoga, regardless of your professional background and ability. A strong desire to help others with their posture and movement is the most important requirement for aspiring instructors. Instruction that addresses individual students’ unique needs, using a compassionate approach is emphasized. We welcome all students who wish to become accredited ‘Balance Ball Yoga’ instructors and use the ‘Balance Ball Yoga’ methods within their professional practice.

accredited balance ball instructor training

Time Itinerary
Course Name Balance Ball Yoga Instructor Training Course
Duration: 14 days
(Balance Ball Yoga teacher Training lasts a minimum of 10 days.)
Students who require additional practice to improve their Balance Ball Yoga and/or teaching techniques may participate in additional lessons at no additional cost.
Course Schedule: Starts on every Monday at 09:00
Course Fee: 780 Euro
Prerequisites: None
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By the end of the course you will be able to :

1. Lead and critically analyse a Balance Ball Yoga Instructor training course

2. Use an anatomical approach to identify individual student requirements

3. Analyse potential areas of development in a student’s posture

4. Fully understand the philosophy of Balance Ball Yoga and communicate this effectively

5. Achieve the level of balance ball yoga exercises required for your future instruction

6. Recognise the importance of equality and diversity in a learning environment

7. Reflect upon your own attitude to teamwork, personal development and exercise

Opportunities for Accredited Instructors:

1. Offer Balance Ball Yoga Basic Course under the official name of ‘Balance Ball Yoga’

2. Offer Posture Improvement Course under the official name of Balance Ball Yoga (you should have separate anatomy and physiology accreditation for this)

3. Balance Ball Yoga Textbooks available for purchase

4. Official Balance Ball Yoga Certification for your future students available for purchase

5. A webpage on the official Balance Ball Yoga website (annual fee) or facebook group (free)

6. If you require additional practice to improve your Balance Ball Yoga and/or teaching techniques you may participate in regular additional lessons at no additional cost (agree individually with the director)

7. We can give you additional accreditations for teaching Balance Ball Yoga for specific purposes

8. You will get information and be able to participate in the workshops for accredited instructors, which will take place approximately twice a year in different countries all over the world. In these workshops we will share our respective experiences and knowledge and get further ideas and suggestions to develop Balance Ball Yoga worldwide. We encourage you to participate in one of these workshops at least once every three years.

Registration Form – Balance Ball Yoga Courses :

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Balanceball Yoga - Teacher Training course   780 € (2 Weeks)
Balanceball Yoga - Basic course   1,000 THB / 5 sessions (Basic)
Balanceball Yoga - Adv. course   1,000 THB / 5 sessions (Adv.)
Each course starts on Monday

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