About Balance Ball Yoga

Balance Ball Yoga is a new and innovative method to improve posture and movement. We use a balance ball (exercise ball) to introduce our own concepts of human movement: Core, Body Alignment and Dynamic Fluid Movement.

Balance Ball Yoga (BBY) was established in January 2007. Since then, more than 500 students from all over the world have attended BBY courses. 29 of these international students became accredited BBY instructors. We are proud of the fact that success in the Balance Ball Yoga courses is not limited to only a selected few. We have even taught Balance Ball Yoga courses to school children in Europe.

Balance Ball Yoga was created by Hironori Ikeda. It was developed from an interest in human and animal movements, experience in several sports, and post-graduate academic studies in sports science.

about balance ball yoga

Throughout the course, each student works individually with a Balance Ball to improve personal coordination, strength and concentration. No one is forced beyond his or her ability or comfort level. Students are never left alone without assistance from an instructor.

Balance Ball Yoga lessons are taught step-by-step in an effective and enjoyable format. The sequence of exercises that is used to develop a familiarity with your core, body alignment and Dynamic Fluid Movements does not require difficult or advanced techniques. By practicing many simple and enjoyable yogic positions you will be able to develop good posture and movement, find your place in nature and society, and learn how to perform even everyday activities with increased strength and ease.

The possibilities of Balance Ball Yoga are infinite. It can be combined with many other areas of knowledge and, due to it’s nature, is a method that generates joy and happiness.

RSM International School Chiang Mai, Thailand

C.E.O. : Hironori Ikeda